tks Engineering - manufacturing high quality, high performance speaker cabinets for bass guitar since 2008.

What our customers love about their cabinets:
• Great tone and high performance
This has always been the main focus and is achieved through carefully thought out designs, using proper engineering in the design progress and construction. All cabinets are designed to work well both with standard and detuned/five string bass guitars.
• Advanced weight saving construction
Using low weight 12mm poplar plywood saves a lot of weight, and rigorous internal bracing makes the cabinets as strong and stiff as if heavier/thicker material was used. The process requires the right technical knowledge and the assembly process becomes much more labour intensive. Most other manufacturers don't use this kind of cabinet design, which results in heavier or less rigid cabinets.
• High quality components
Instead of saving in on the details that can't be seen, we've made sure to use only high quality components, everything from the smallest of fasteners through the audiophile crossover components to the high excursion loudspeaker drivers.
• World class fit and finish
All cabinets are hand built in Sweden, to a very high standard. Enjoy the tone from your properly put together cabinet: without any rattles or air leaks, and with lots of attention to detail.
• Hand built to your specifications
Since all cabinets are put together by hand, one by one, there are lots of possibilities to customize your cabinet in the way you prefer. With or without a tweeter, several different colours and patterns of vinyl covering, and also the V-frame for that retro look some of us love.
• All at an affordable price
Most of the cabinets are sold directly from the factory to the customer, which means the price doesn't have to cover margins for distributors etc, passing on the savings to the customers. The high quality level of components and craftsmanship would normally mean a price tag around twice as high.

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The products can be divided in to three categories:

High performance 2/3-way speaker cabinets: 1126, 2126
One of the big advantages with using a 6" speaker as in these cabinets is that it gives a much better and more even dispersion of mid range frequencies than speakers traditionally used in bass guitar cabinets, especially when comparing with a "square configuration" cabinet like a standard 4x10. This gives improved clarity to the tone, but also a much more consistent sound. The sound you get when in front of the cabinet with your ears at level with the speakers is much closer to the sound you get when standing beside the cabinet. This, combined with a mostly uncoloured frequency response makes it much easier to get the right tone both out to the audience and on stage.

Another advantage is that when the larger speakers in the cabinet doesn't have to reproduce all the mids, speakers that handle lower frequencies better can be used. The 12" speakers in these cabinets give deep, solid lows, but can also be pushed very hard, and they keep delivering deep, clean lows also at high power levels, this thanks to high excursion speakers. The 1126 is rated at 450 W and 900 W for the 2126, but they handle even more power than that without low end distortion.

For anyone wanting a three way cabinet with frequency response up to 20 kHz, the optional tweeter is available for all models.

High performance 1/2-way cabinets: H115
The tone of the 2/3-way cabinets is not for everyone. The H115 offers a more traditional tone, but still handles powerful amplifiers with ease. These cabinets don't go quite as low as the 2-way cabinets, but instead they are louder per watt from the amplifier, needing less power to go equally loud. Even though they handle high power amplifiers well, high power isn't needed to play loud. These are equally loud to the standard cabinets with lower power amplifiers, but offer a slightly different tone.

Standard cabinets: S112, S212, S2126
These have been the most popular cabinets in the product range. The 12" speakers used in these cabinets doesn't need much power to go loud, and still have excursion capabilities enough to be pushed hard by a 500W amplifier. Thanks to ceramic magnets the price is very reasonable, considering the performance is on par with many cabinets costing 2-3 times as much.

The S2126 uses a 6" mid range speaker like the 1126/1156/2126 cabinets, and is a more cost effective alternative to the 2126 with amplifiers up to 500W when the extra low end of the 2126 isn't needed, but the improved mid range dispersion is.

The S212 and S2126 are also available in a 61 cm wide configuration.